The Place-Based

As pillars of the local community, LLENs understand and respond to the unique needs of their respective regions.

Local Contexts, Local Solutions

.A place-based approach refers to the idea of tailoring services and strategies to the unique cultural, economic, geographical, and social contexts of a specific locale.

This approach is essential to LLENs’ work because it allows each network to cater to the specific needs and potential of its region, recognising that one-size-fits-all strategies often fall short when it comes to addressing localised issues. The intricate knowledge of the communities we serve empowers us to create impactful and locally relevant initiatives.

Anchored in the notion of a place-based approach, LLENs are well-positioned to understand and respond to the unique needs of their local communities. We have a 21 year track record of forging critical relationships with schools, businesses, government bodies, and communities.

An example of this can be seen in the various programs LLENs have developed, designed to keep students engaged in their education and provide pathways to employment. These programs are not merely transplanted from one area to another, but are rather carefully curated and adapted to meet the specific needs and contexts of each community. They are the outcome of a place-based approach that acknowledges and utilizes the existing resources, skills, and capacities of each region.

The place-based approach is at the core of the LLENs’ work, making them valuable assets in the drive to create more equitable, inclusive, and prosperous communities across Victoria.


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