Let’s Chat about Education: VicLLENs launches vicllens.chat to capture the community voices on Senior Secondary Reforms

The Victorian Government is currently consulting on a series of proposed changes to our education system. We want to encourage everyone - students, parents, community members, educators and industry - to have their voices heard.

What are the reforms?

The Victorian Government is currently proposing a series of changes be made to our statewide senior education system, including the following:

"These reforms will aim to provide every senior secondary student with access to high-quality vocational and applied learning by moving to an integrated senior secondary certificate, with vocational education embedded in the VCE."

Why did these reforms come about?

In November 2019, The Victorian Government commissioned a review into Vocational and Applied Learning Pathways in Senior Secondary Schooling called the Firth Review. The review found that reforms need to be made to our education system to ensure that vocational education is “highly regarded, relevant to the needs of students and employers, and available to all.”

The government is now proposing a series of reforms to raise the status of vocational education and encourage parents, students and the wider community to consider vocational pathways as a valid and viable alternative to academic options.

The review recommended that vocational education be embedded into VCE “enabling students to mix general and vocational education, gain qualifications for all types of employment, and develop specific technical skills they most need for success in work”

Who do we want to hear from?

Why does your voice matter?

There are several ways that your voice will make a difference. Sharing your opinion could:

How can I participate?

Simply head to vicllens.chat on whatever browser you’re using (Chrome is recommended, but not essential). Once you arrive, you’ll be prompted to participate in a 5-minute video Q&A.

Are you camera shy? You don’t need to be! These submissions don’t (at all!) have to be perfect – just focus on telling it ‘like it is’. You could even imagine you’re having a conversation with the webcam. Also, you’ll have an opportunity to do a ‘practice session’ before recording.

Video submissions, in all their authenticity and efficiency, are a powerful way for us to send a message about what students really need.

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