Students to pave the way ahead in a one-of-a-kind placement opportunity

Students across the state have the opportunity to participate in a placement with a difference, using Design Thinking to workshop ideas addressing some of the most pressing challenges our young people are currently facing.

Project Roll Up was created in response to the need for students to do industry placements in a post-COVID world. Due to safety concerns, businesses operating in survival mode, and ongoing lockdowns, many students haven’t had the critical opportunity to engage with industry.

Students will work in project teams and consult with industry experts to workshop ideas. They’ll be coached by project mentors who will teach them design thinking principles and encourage them to approach issues laterally and harness their creativity into actionable ideas.

The experience will culminate in students presenting their idea to a panel of experts and decision-makers.

The placement will connect students with people from the Department of Health, the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria, and many more in the community, health and education sectors. It’s a great opportunity for students to make connections and potentially pursue further opportunities. 

This is a placement experience that’s perfect for any student who is interested in or studying Health and Community Services, Business or Media. It can be accredited as a Structured Workplace Learning placement or Work Experience placement.

This is a project that’s looking ahead at what the future holds for young people, despite the myriad of ongoing challenges they’ll face. For example, as we come out of remote learning, there’s still the challenge of students being able to operate and learn effectively in a COVID-safe environment.

According to Trent McCarthy, CEO of Central Ranges LLEN:

“What we’re really trying to do is get students to cast their minds forward to ideate, to think about what’s going to be important for them to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives over the next weeks, months and even years.”

“The experience for young people in this strange world that we live in right now, and particularly this COVID environment, is that there are a lot of rules being put in place and the impact on all of us, but we want to make sure that young people can feel a sense of being able to creatively influence the rules that influence them and impact them.”

According to Trent: “The critical thing here is that students get a chance to dream big to really stretch themselves, be creative, and work collaboratively.”

Students will also get the chance to work together in a collaborative way, which is something that we know is really valuable, particularly when most of us are at home and online a lot of the time.

According to Cheryne, Program Manager at Stride Education: 

“It is a learning experience designed to enable the skillset, the toolset, and the mindset to turn good ideas into actionable solutions that tackle problems in the world around us.

It’s about taking action today and designing a better tomorrow.”

"“It is a learning experience designed to enable the skillset, the toolset, and the mindset to turn good ideas into actionable solutions that tackle problems in the world around us."
-Cheryne Blom, Program Manager at Stride Education

Cheryne suggests that the program will empower young people by giving them a sense of control of their situation in a post-COVID world; “having that sense of being in control and feeling like they are doing something, speaks to that inner changemaker. [It will] help them feel like they’re a global citizen right now doing something about their situation”

She said the program will encourage young people to ask themselves: “How do we move ourselves beyond the experience today, and help us feel that we are in a sense of control of our future?”

The approach brings together mindset and resilience in combination with social and emotional learning to help students develop the soft skills that employees are looking for today, such as:

“Young people are encouraged to develop the skill of going, ‘Okay, this is our problem, what really is in our circle of influence? What is in our power? What is in our control? To get really creative and innovative, work together as a team, and do something that is significant for the future of our communities.”

Up to 40 places will be available for Project Roll Up. 

The program will run over seven weeks, commencing on 20 October.

Registrations close on 18 October. 

For more information about the program structure and dates, click here. 

To view the information session, click here. 

To register one or more students, click here.

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